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Indico Galleries specialise in Indigenous and Contemporary Art. We have two Sydney locations: Rozelle and Mosman, where we have over 200 artworks on display at any time.

Our mission is to provide ethically sourced and stunning artworks for your home or office at fair prices. Our friendly Art Advisors are available to assist you with selecting the right pieces for your space, with artworks ranging from small affordable pieces up to major boardroom feature size pieces and ranges to suit all tastes and budgets.

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Where: IndiCo Galleries: 2/555 Military Rd, Mosman NSW & 704 Darling St, Rozelle


Carolanne Ken was born in 1971 and is from Fergon South Australia, approximately 350kms south east of Uluru. Carolanne’s father’s Country is Mulya Ulpa and her mother, Iwana Ken’s Country is west of Kanypi. The artist graduated high school in 1986 and went on to work at Fergon Ananou school and Kaltiji Arts. 

In 2004, Carolanne began painting from the encouragement of her mother who was a well-respected senior artist. In the early days of her artistic career, Carolanne represented her Dreaming and the landscape of her Country in a unique way, by highlighting the shrubbery and wildflowers that grew throughout the land. 

As the artist continued to express her Dreaming onto the canvas and evolve as an artist, Carolanne began to paint aerial depictions of her Country in a much more abstract and contemporary way, by utilising fine dot work and motifs passed down to her from her grandmother, Iwana Ken’s mother. 

Carolanne paints her Country and highlights ‘Minma Marlilu Tjukurrpa’ which tells the story of water cave which the ancestral spirit dug out during the Dreamtime to create shelter and serve as an essential source water.

The uplifting colour palette utilised by this artist in combination with the fluid movement created in her works through her use of detailed dot work, make Carolanne’s work’s highly contemporary depictions of her Country. The artist is highly sought after given her artistic success to date, including her group exhibtion in the prestigious 2019 Salon des Refuses and gallery exhibitions nationwide!

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