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Indico Galleries specialise in Indigenous and Contemporary Art. We have two Sydney locations: Rozelle and Mosman, where we have over 200 artworks on display at any time.

Our mission is to provide ethically sourced and stunning artworks for your home or office at fair prices. Our friendly Art Advisors are available to assist you with selecting the right pieces for your space, with artworks ranging from small affordable pieces up to major boardroom feature size pieces and ranges to suit all tastes and budgets.

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Where: IndiCo Galleries: 2/555 Military Rd, Mosman NSW and 704 Darling St, Rozelle

The bush medicine leaves are collected by the women of Utopia and are highly prized for their restorative powers as part of traditional health practices. Bush medicine leaves derive from a particular native shrub which grows abundantly in the desert regions of Utopia, north-east of Alice Springs.

The artists who paint this story represent the leaves as they float to the ground and they employ a range of brush strokes and colours to represent the leaves at different times of the year.

They are gathered by the women, ground up and mixed with water to form a milky solution which can be used to cure coughs, colds and flu-like symptoms.

The medicine leaves are collected and boiled to extract the resin, which can be mixed together with kangaroo fat. This resulting medicine can then be used to heal cuts, wounds, bites, rashes, as insect repellent and applied to aching joints as well as curing headaches.

Like all aspects of traditional Aboriginal culture, knowledge of bush medicine has been passed down from generation to generation over thousands of years and is still being used to day by the people of Utopia.

In painting the Bush Medicine Leaf story, the artists of Central Australia pay homage to the spirit of the medicinal plant.

By creating it’s image the artists encourage the regeneration of the bush medicine plant, so that their people can continue to benefit from it’s healing powers.

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