Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

  1. During an online sale when the transaction is completed via the checkout of the IndiCo Galleries website, the purchaser purchases the artwork/s as described in the checkout for the price stated. This price is the purchase price.
  2. The purchaser agrees to pay the agreed upon price when an artwork is purchased in the galleries.
  3. By purchasing an artwork in the galleries or online, the purchaser agrees to have inspected the artwork and accepts it in the condition it is purchased. When purchasing artworks online, it is on the onus of the customer to request more detailed images of the state and condition of the artwork if they require.
  4. When purchasing artworks online or in the gallery, payment must be received in full before the goods can be released to the customer. Payment methods include, EFTPOS, credit card (including American Express which incurs a 2% surcharge), cash, Art Money and in store lay-by.
  5. It is at the discretion of IndiCo Galleries Pty Ltd to authorise a sale and accept payment for the artwork/s.
  6. Title of the artwork remains with IndiCo Galleries Pty Ltd until title is passed onto to the purchasing customer when payment is received in full.
  7. IndiCo Galleries is not liable for damages incurred to any items after title has been transferred to the customer.
  8. IndiCo Galleries Pty Ltd does not accept returns or exchanges for change of mind. All sales are final. The only exception being if our sales advisors agree in writing with the client that the goods may be refunded within a defined period of time.
  9. IndiCo Galleries Pty Ltd will only issue exchanges or refunds for goods purchased that are consistent with their obligations under The Australian Consumer Law.
  10. IndiCo Galleries Pty Ltd is not obliged to offer exchanges, refunds or compensation to any customer that is inconsistent with its obligations under The Australian Consumer Law.
  11. It is on the onus of the purchasing customer to insure the artwork/s they have purchased with a reputable insurer.
  12. If the purchaser does not comply with IndiCo Galleries Pty Ltd payment options and in turn defaults in payment, IndiCo Galleries Pty Ltd can, without further notice to the customer, terminate the sale and is entitled to recover any loss in respect to this terminated sale.
  13. Copyright of all works remains with the artist or their authorised agent.
  14. Purchasing customers of IndiCo Galleries Pty Ltd agree to the terms and conditions of sale.